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“The study of Music Theory and Piano for me was what came first, the basis of my education, and what allowed me to build my career. If you want to be able to create, arrange, learn how to use any music software, recognize a key or produce and compose a piece of music, you need to have first of all a good musical knowledge of an instrument. For me that was the Piano. If you build a strong musical expertise first, you will create the basis and have the skills that will allow you to approach any specialization you want to engage”.

I offer both online and in-person music lessons held at my home studio on a Yamaha Upright Piano or I can travel to your place. I tailor each lesson on the needs of my students in order to make them improve at their own pace while having fun.


I have many years of experience in teaching and besides doing private piano lessons, I have also been a piano teacher at the Music School of Rome (Italy), at the Steinway Hall in Manhattan (New York) and at the School of Rock in South Florida.


In young age I was lucky to have the possibility to study piano techniques and composition with the eminent composer/pianist Luis Bacalov (Academy Award winner for the Soundtrack of “The Postman” movie), who was my mentor and taught me the philosophy of studying piano and how to approach piano to have long lasting results that you can apply to each new composition you are about to study and that will allow you to progress quickly.

I applied his education methods on many students of all ages and I always had a great response, watching my students being surprised of improving so fast and having fun while doing it. I love teaching to students of all ages and especially if you are a beginner or intermediate I think you will really benefit from my lessons.


I have performed in many venues around the world and during my 10 years stay in New York I was able to confront myself with many great musicians having the possibility to perform in prestigious venues such as Metropolitan Room, The Bitter End, Groove Club, Rockwood Music Hall, Smoke Club, Café Wha.




  • Piano Classic and Techniques;

  • Harmony;

  • Improvisation on Blues, Jazz/Funky, Rock and Pop songs;

  • Improvisation on Keyboards and Hammond Organ.




  • The basis of Classical Music and Techniques in order to develop the right positioning of the hand on the keyboard. (This first step is key to develop a good technique and to build the muscles of the hand that will allow you to easily approach any piece of music you want to study).


  • How to read music and understand Music Theory. (That includes starting with reading and learning the notes, the pentagram, the intervals, the circle of fifth, and from there arriving to the more complex matters).


  • How to approach and play Classical Music from Classical Composers (E.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Erick Satie) and Contemporary Composers (E.g. Yann Tiersen, Sakamoto).


  • How to play famous Classic Rock Songs and Riffs by Pink Floyd, Queens, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Genesis and more, and Modern Pop Music like Michal Jackson, Madonna, Prince,Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga,Cristina Aguilera,  Adele, Rhianna, Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce’ and more.


  • How to approach and play on a Keyboard using different sounds: Rhodes, El Pianos, Pad, Strings, Organs and Synths.


There will be an initial evaluation of the student in order to assess his level and create a specific program that would benefit him the most.

Students of all ages 4 and up are welcome.


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