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Music Production has always been my first job, I love to compose and arrange tracks. Over the years I learned all the skills and tricks necessary to write professional-level songs and led me to create my own music label with hundreds of productions from many artists and illustrious collaborations.

I have worked in many famous studios like:

Smash Studios (NYC), Flux Studios (NYC), Masterdisk (NYC), Hit Factory (NYC), Thompson Studios (NYC), Power Studios (Miami), Alacran Studios (Miami), Forum Music Village (Rome, ITALY), Logic Studios (Milan, ITALY).


With my lessons you can develop the right training that will help you to learn the practical skills and experience you need to build a career in music production, from beginner to advanced. Throughout the course you will be encouraged and supported to write your own music. I will share my experience accrued in many years of experience in the field.




  • How to approach and use a professional DAW : Logic X;


  • How to create and arrange a song from scratch in my professional studio with Logic X starting from a basic element like a vocal or a piano riff and adding bass line, guitar, synths, drums till the final result.


  • How to create, program and sample a drum beat using Exs24, Recycle, Drums Machine, Battery, Akai Mpc, Roland 909 and more.


  • How to record a vocal or an instrument in audio or midi using professional machine brands like Apogee, Tube Tech, Neumann, Neve. (Learning how to professionally record a vocal or an instrument in the correct way is crucial for developing a great mix).


  • How to use an Eq, a compressor, and effects to treat a vocal or an instrument to get the right sound in the mix.


  • How to mix a song in digital or analogue using a neve summit mixer separating all the channels.


  • How to use plug-ins like: Melodyne, Waves, Alliance, Izotope, Rolands, Diva and more.


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